Deadly Recall

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Deadly Recall

Sgt Pat Postiglione is famous in crime-solving circles, respected and revered for his distinguished career and for his near-perfect memory. He not only headed the murder squad of his precinct for over a decade but he can remember the minutest details of every case he’s ever worked on. That’s one hell of a gift, especially useful for solving crime.

In Deadly Recall he’s been asked to share some of the cases he’s worked on over the years and he agreed on one condition: that the stories of these crimes are told by the families of the victims. It’s very easy for the families of victims and therefore the identities of the victim itself to fall by the wayside when a murder doesn’t make the headlines.

This series attempts to remedy that by taking a look at less famous but equally harrowing cases through the eyes of the families so that we can gain insight into who the victim truly was and who they were surrounded by. That they had family, friends, and dreams of their own, just like you and I do.

We also get to witness how Sgt Pat Postiglione used his famous memory to solve very difficult cases. At least two of the Sargent’s cases were solved when he recalled a detail from the crime scene: one of a mother found dead in a creek and another of two suspects pointing the finger at each other. The recalled detail lead to the arrest of the convicted killer.

The gift of his memory is bolstered by his detective skills. No use remembering everything if you can’t figure out how it all ties together. His powers of deduction have led to the breakthrough of many cases, including two seemingly unrelated crimes that he linked to the same killer, as well as other cold cases in which his insight blew wide open. All that talent and he still doesn’t want this series to be focussed on him.

This is a fascinating series heavily featuring the families of the victims which Sgt Pat Postiglione happened to solve. This is not a series you want to miss.

Wednesday at 9 PM on ID (ch 223) from 5 August