Descendants of the Sun

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Descendants of the Sun

In the afterglow of Valentine’s Day, let Descendants of the Sun inspire you to make every day a day of love.

Keep the romance going with the premiere of a brand new romantic telenovela, starting the day after Valentine’s Day.

In response to increased demand for good telenovela shows, StarSat is proud to announce that the Korean drama Descendants of the Sun will premiere the day after Valentine’s Day. A must-see for all K-drama fans, this critically acclaimed show tastefully combines gushy romance and military action for the best of both worlds. A drama for both the Mr and the Mrs to enjoy together. They can look forward to criminal intrigues, international politics and humour. Catch the show Mondays to Fridays at 9:30 PM on ST Novela E Plus (channel 128) from 15 February.

Kang Mo-Yeon is a military ER doctor who met a man named Yoo Shi-Jin. Their chemistry was instant, but when she learned that her love interest is a Special Forces soldier, she doubts that they could build a future together.

Fate, it seems, will not let it end that easily. Yoo Shi-Jin gets deployed to the (fictional) European country of Uruk. Kang Mo-Yeon joins a humanitarian group of doctors, who happen to be going to the same place. Having reunited on the other side of the world, the two hit it off immediately, just as disaster strikes.

Descendants of the Sun became a household name in Korea, with ratings reaching between thirty-five and thirty-eight per cent (35% to 38%) nationally. In the capital city Seoul, ratings reached a whopping forty per cent (40%). It has exported to over thirty (30) countries.

Want to enjoy some romantic movies on Valentine’s Day? TNT is bringing you a range of classic romantic films in their Unexpected Love stunt.

TNT Valentine’s Day Stunt: Unexpected Love (Sunday, 14 February)

11:35 – Breakin All the Rules (2004)
13:00 – Joe vs The Volcano (1990)
14:45 – Bubble Boy (2001)
16:10 – Splash (1984)
18:00 – The Best Man (1999)
22:00 – The Best Man Holiday (2013)
00:05 – Phenomenon (1996)

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Author: Jenny Griesel (Jenny Griesel Communications)