Dino and the Egg Hunt

Dino and the Egg Hunt

Oh no! Two dinosaur eggs have gone and bounced out of the dinosaur kindergarten! The baby dinosaurs tried to stop them but it’s too late. The eggs have gone, leaving only a trail of dots as they bounced away into the world outside.

They need to find the eggs and bring them back home. Luckily, Dino and his human friend are on the case. They will follow those eggs to the end of the world and bring them home safe no matter what.

Every episode is a great misadventure, with our two heroes fumbling about doing their best, and never giving up.

Teach kids about persistence, and how to make the best out of a bad situation in Dino and the Egg Hunt, daily at 6:21 AM on BabyTV (ch 305).
From Wednesday, 01 September
Also daily at 08:45 AM, 11:49 AM, 2:49 PM, & 5:50 PM

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse