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Compare Dish Packages for Your Television 

When it comes to selecting dish packages for televisions, people will always compare the prices and channels according to their specific preferences and monthly budgets. With a limited selection of television dish service providers in South Africa, monthly packages from mainstream providers can be more expensive. StarSat offers a viable and affordable alternative, with our base packages offering more than enough entertainment for the whole family. You can also get add-on packages that suit your preferences and will enhance your viewing pleasure.

With the StarSat Special base package, you are granted access to 40 television channels and 25 audio channels. Upgrading to the StarSat Super base package means you will have 100 channels to choose from. Our base packages include a variety of options to ensure that you and your family will always have something to watch, including movies, series, news channels, and local entertainment. Let’s have a closer look at our add-on packages that not only enhance your viewing pleasure, but also give you access to your favourite channels.

StarSat’s Package Comparison 

A popular choice with sports fanatics, our Sports+ add-on package gives you access to live sports streaming over 2 channels for the amazing price of only R99 p/m added to your base package. ST World Football will give you access to the world of European soccer. With this channel, you can watch live matches from the Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 championships. ST Sports Premium broadcasts a variety of sports for those who love athletics, motorsport, volleyball, and more. Compared to other options in South Africa, the StarSat Sports+ package offers value for money and gives you access to affordable sports streaming in your home.

We also offer language-specific add-on options, with our Chinese package adding 17 television channels for only R209 extra p/m. The Indian package gives you access to 9 extra channels for an additional R109 p/m. With our French package, you can add 10 channels to your base package for R129 p/m. It is also available as a stand-alone package for R248 p/m. Now that you have a comprehensive understanding about what we offer, it should be easier to compare dish packages and make the right choice according to your viewing preferences.

StarSat offers a viable and affordable way to enjoy dish television in South Africa. For more information to help you compare dish packages, feel free to peruse our website for prices and channel details, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Enhance your viewer experience with StarSat and our selection of add-on packages that entertain the whole family.