Dish TV The Affordable Way

Dish TV

The Affordable Way 

Digital satellite television has been available in South Africa for both residential and commercial customers for decades now, but has always carried a hefty price tag. Various packages and bouquets offer a selection of channels, giving viewers more options than they could possibly enjoy, and charging them for these extra channels. Should you be looking for an affordable way to enjoy dish TV on your terms that meets your preferences, StarSat is the place where you can find a solution.

Dish TV has always consisted of endless channels, with only commercial licences being able to pick certain channels, like dedicated sports channels, to form part of their bouquet. That time has passed, as StarSat offers a selection of packages that will not only suit your viewing preferences, but also includes language options to choose from. As a result, you can have access to all the channels on the network, or choose a package that only gives you access to selected channels to suit your preference.

The StarSat Packages 

Six packages are available from StarSat. These packages consist of one sport-specific package, three language-specific packages, and two variety bouquets:

  1. Language-specific packages

Starting with the StarSat Chinese package, you gain access to 17 channels specifically chosen for a Chinese audience, and they go perfectly with the other channels available in our regular bouquets. We also offer an Indian StarSat package, granting you access to nine channels that are ideal for Indian audiences. Our final package in this range is the StarSat French package, which is available as a stand-alone package as well. This package includes ten channels for French audiences. Dish TV has never been this versatile and accessible before.

  1. The Sports+ Package

The Sports+ Package grants access to our premium sports channels – ST World Football and ST Sports Premium. If you love watching sports events happening across the world, this package is for you, delivering premium sports content at an affordable price.

  1. Variety Bouquets

Our two main bouquets offer a variety of channels to be enjoyed by any audience. Our StarSat Super package includes 80 television channels and 25 audio channels, while our StarSat Special package offers a more affordable package with access to 40 television channels instead of 80.

Should you be interested in our packages and bouquets, feel free to peruse our website for information about channels, prices, and decoders. Let StarSat offer you a viable alternative to dish TV that is not only more affordable, but also suits your viewing preferences, without huge bills and unwanted channels coming your way every month.