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Having the luxury of satellite dish TV entertainment in your home is one that almost of us can afford now. StarSat delivers packages that will fall within your monthly budget and provide you with world-class entertainment that can be specifically tailored to suit your language and entertainment preferences as well. Let us delve into some details on the available packages StarSat has on offer.

The StarSat Packages 

When it comes to dish TV, it is very important to provide the consumer with the channels that are specifically tailored to them and, therefore, we have six different packages to choose from, starting with our Special package. The Special package comes in at R99 per month, and grants you access to about 40 TV channels and 25 audio channels to choose from. These channels include Aljazeera, BBC World News,, MSNBC, the three local SABC channels, and 12 exclusive ST broadcasting channels. As a package, you will be paying less than R2 per channel per month, which is very impressive pricing.

If you are looking for premium sports content and nothing else in your dish TV package, our Sports+ package is ideal for you. Also costing R99 per month, you will have access to the two premium sports channels on our network, namely ST World Football and ST Sports Premium. This package is highly recommended for soccer lovers, excellent for other premium weekend sports entertainment as well.

StarSat also feature packages that are tailored for specific foreign languages. Our Chinese package grants access to 17 channels that are specifically selected to provide entertainment within the culture and language of the Chinese-speaking people in South Africa. We also offer Indian and French packages, granting access to about ten channels and also costing only R99 per month.

Our final package is the Super package, which comes in at R199 per month and grants you access to about 80 dish TV channels and 25 audio channels for when you need some music in your life. With this package, you will have access to all the main English channels on our network, including the premium sports and news channels. Doing the math, you will still pay less than R2 per channel per month, giving you a viable and affordable alternative to DStv.

If you would like more information on our dish TV network, packages, and available channels, feel free to browse our website for details. You can also contact us directly for installation details and costs, so that we can welcome you to our network with open arms. Choose StarSat today, and enjoy the luxury of dish TV without the big payment at month’s end.