DStv Compare Packages

Compare DStv and Other Satellite Television Packages


When it comes to digital satellite television entertainment in South Africa, locals have a variety of options to choose from, including DStv and StarSat. Both companies offer a plethora of packages, in order to cater to a variety of client preferences. When you compare the different packages that providers, such as DStv, offer with one another, or with other satellite television network providers, it can become difficult to choose the ideal one for you. Some providers’ packages do not allow specific viewing, forcing their customers to pay for a complete package to gain access to the channels they want to watch regularly.

When you compare DStv packages with those of StarSat, you see a clear difference – not only in price, but also in accessibility, and control over what you want to watch. DStv packages only include certain channels, without the option of adding specific channels you want to watch. This can force you to pay for channels you might never watch.

This type of package is suitable for people who want a lot of channels, as they like the idea of having a lot of options, and are happy to pay for their complete package, which costs more. However, for those who tend to stick to the same few channels, there are other options to consider. Below, we will have a closer look at a viable alternative that is not only more affordable when compared to DStv’s packages, but is also more versatile with various options to fit your household.


The Viable Alternative

 When it comes to entertainment, especially on television, you want to have options that will allow you to create the ideal viewing package for you. With StarSat, we offer our clients a base package with a choice between the StarSat Special and Super packages. Our Special package offers 50 television channels and 25 audio channels for around R109 per month, while our Super package increases the number to 80 television channels for R209 per month. Both options give you access to fantastic viewing options, and hours of entertainment for the entire family, at almost a fraction of the price.

Once you have decided which base package you like, you can simply add onto your base package with a selection of add-on packages, crafted for specific preferences. For the sports enthusiast, we offer the Sports+ package, granting you access to two dedicated sports channels at an additional cost of only R99 per month. These two channels will bring you the best from the world of European soccer, athletics, motorsport, boxing, and more. This grants you access to live sporting event broadcasts on your television.

We also offer specific language-based add-on packages, including Chinese, French, and Indian options. In the end, you will have the power to craft your own package with StarSat, giving you exactly what you want when you turn your television set on at home.

StarSat offers viable alternative packages when compared to other options, which can save you valuable money, and put you in control of what you watch and pay for. For more information, feel free to peruse our website and compare our packages to find the ideal setup for your home. We make satellite television entertainment affordable for any home.