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Egypt’s Sun King: Secrets and Treasures

Tutankhamun was a big deal. The discovery of his tomb in 1922 reignited the world’s interest in Egyptian archaeology and experts have been squabbling over his life and death ever since, particularly because he died at the age of 18, barely a man, but had been ruling since he was 10 years old. His nearly intact tomb was also a rare find and gave us glimpses into the past that few other tombs allowed.

Tombs with bodies in them are a very rare find, and after King Tut’s discovery it’s been a dry season, at least till now: a team of archaeologists have discovered one containing the mummies of a royal princess and a noblewoman. Not being the mummies of Kings makes the find inherently less interesting but that all changed when, next door to the tomb, they found at least thirty mummified remains.

Finding out who these people are and why they are there will be painstaking work that involves many experts and the latest technology. It’s an interesting watch to anyone interested in Egyptology or just history in general.

From 21st June | Fridays | 19:00 | National Geographic Channel | Ch 220