Empire (Season 4)

Lucious Lyon used to be a powerful man. Starting off as a lowly drug dealer, he used his musical talent to escape that life and step into the R&B scene. Over a decade later Lucious was on the top of the R&B world as founder and leader of Empire Entertainment, a multi-million dollar company. After he was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, Lucious took it upon himself to choose a successor amongst his three sons, who he isn’t afraid of pitting against each other. Greed, however, has a nasty way of ruining even the best of things.

At the end of season 3, Lucious, after a foolish set of decisions by one of his sons, is caught in an assassination attempt. Three months later he comes out of a coma, having lost his company and now his memory, so in essence, everything.

Watch as the Lyon family, who’ve been torn apart multiple times, join forces to rebuild their own empire. As usual, you can expect intriguing stories, a dash of violence, a streak or two of revenge plots and amazing musical performances from the cast. If you love drama and you love music, you don’t want to miss out on season four of this multi-award nominated series.

Tuesday 18th of September at 20:55 on FOX LIFE ch 133