Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death

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Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death

When a tragic murder occurs, we tend to care only about three things: the victim, the crime, and the criminal. We forget all the people touched by a crime.

The victim’s bereaved loved ones who were left behind. Who must move on with their lives whilst accepting that one who killed the person they loved might get away with it.

The witnesses of the crime. Who have to contend with the trauma of seeing such things whilst repeatedly reliving the events as they talk to investigators and defence lawyers.

The investigators who find the perpetrators. Who have to get intimately acquainted with every detail of these disturbing cases.

The police who secure the crime scene and hunt down the culprits. Who risk their lives every day in pursuit of justice.

A crime does not only hurt the victim but damages everyone involved in ways of which they may never recover.

A detective investigates a stack of old cases only to realize that they’re all connected by a gruesome tread. A 12-year-old girl witnessed her on-duty uncle shot dead before her very eyes. Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death features intimate interviews with people touched by the effects of murder, many for the first time.

Tuesdays at 9 PM on ID (ch 223) from Tuesday, 19 January

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse