Evil Lives Here

Evil Lives Here on ID on StarSat

Evil Lives Here

Everyone has thoughts that they would rather not have, and do things that they regret, including the people you love and trust the most.

Evil Lives Here is a show about people who discovered that their loved ones have darkness inside them far darker than they ever imagined. They weren’t just flawed people like you and me, but monsters.

The signs were there if they were looking, but now it’s too late. Their loved one did something too heinous to be ignored. The question is, what do they do about it?

Do they turn a blind eye and swear secrecy? Do they betray the trust of their loved one by doing the right thing by reporting the crime? Do they help cover up their loved one’s sins to protect them? Or do they become so entangled by the situation that they become a perpetrator?

These are their stories.

Tuesdays at 9 PM on ID (ch 223) from 13 October