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Sometimes the answer to “how did you two meet?” can be very strange indeed. At the face of it, the story of how Memphis and Charlotte met isn’t that strange: they met at a wedding banquet. The strange part is who invited them, for Memphis’ ex-girlfriend is the bride, and Charlotte’s ex-boyfriend is the groom. They were both seated in ‘former ex’-boyfriend and girlfriend tables, along with the bride and groom’s other exes so that the happy couple can thank them for “contributing to their emotional growth.” Wow.

Unfortunately, when you invite a bunch of your exes to celebrate your new love there is bound to be some conflict, which is exactly what happened here. In the midst of the chaos when a fight between the ex-girlfriends broke loose, Memphis and Charlotte escape hand-in-hand and by the morrow, they’ve become a couple.

Relationships that start out casually don’t always stay casual. As feelings develop so too do complications. After a friend of the opposite sex is invited to enjoy dinner with the couple, jealousy starts to develop, and the pettiness starts. At another dinner then other one invites an ex of theirs, and the other finds themselves jealous. One-upmanship and pride escalate matters as the two of them try to make their relationship work while past-exes keep finding their way into their lives.

Tuesday at 21:30 on ST Sino Drama (ch 130 on the 15th of October)