Fifi and the Flowertots

Fifi and the Flowertots on JimJam on StarSat

The garden is filled with wonderful little creatures, and Fifi Forget-Me-Not is by far everyone’s favourite flowertot. When Fifi isn’t tending to the garden she’s hanging out with her friends, learning new things and having all sorts of fun. Everyone loves Fifi.

Everyone except Stingo and Slugsy that is, because Fifi’s always protecting her friends and foiling the two’s dastardly plans. One day they swear they’ll get the best of Fifi.

Luckily Fifi has many, many friends and they all look out for each other. Fifi spends almost every day with her best friend Fuzzbuss the bumblebee. On their way to a tea party this afternoon at Aunt Tulip’s house they’ll drop by Poppady’s store for some jam. She always has what everyone needs in her shop.

On their way, they’ll invite Primrose and Violet to come along. They do so much love spending time with them in their marrow house. The prim-and-proper Primsore probably has a new dress for Fifi to try on, and I wonder if Violet has finished that painting of her’s? On their way out the door, they’ll greet Flutterby who’s always around the sister’s house. He’ll as usual offer to fly the sisters ahead to save some time.

Where are those two troublemakers Stingo and Slugsy? I really hope they don’t feel like being naughty today. They’re always looking for trouble. Hopefully, they haven’t bullied Pip Gooseberry again today. Pip might be loud and excitable but he’s such a nice kid. I wonder if he’s seen that grumpy Diggly this week. Funny little worm that is.

Fifi sure hopes to run into Daisy. That girl’s head is always in the clouds. No telling where she is or what she’s up to. Maybe old Webby will know? Webby’s wisdom has never led them astray.

Finally, Fifi and all her friends are having a tea party at Aunt Tulip’s house. Will you be joining them?

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