Fireman Sam – Alien Alert

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Fireman Sam – Alien Alert

In the town of Pontypandy lives a legend. With his trusty team, he’s put out forest fires before they could spread. They saved a child who fell down a well. They even helped a beached whale find its way home. This legend is Fireman Sam, and whenever he shows up, the townsfolk cheer his name.

A peculiar guest has arrived in Pontypandy: TV personality Buck Douglas. He’s the host of Alien Quest, a show dedicated to finding aliens hiding among us. Usually, few people pay attention to such silly searches. But, after a green-skinned, two-legged creature is spotted fleeing from the scene in a flying saucer, all the residents of Pontypandy join in to try and find this strange creature.

Is the alien real? Where did it come from? Does it need help? If it does, Fireman Sam and his firefighter team will be there to assist. He helps all creatures, no matter what planet they’re from.

Fireman Sam has been entertaining and educating children for decades. Not only does the show teach children the fundamentals of fire safety, but it also teaches them how to act in emergencies through humour.

Saturday, 10 April at 12:09 AM on JimJam (ch 303)

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse