Fireman Sam: Set for Action!

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Fireman Sam: Set for Action!

The small town of Pontypandy is all hyped up. A convoy of trucks is headed to town, led by a very fancy limo. Hollywood is coming!

After a daring rescue by Fireman Sam was caught on tape, the viral video caught the attention of movie mogul Don Sledgehammer. Mr Sledgehammer and his film crew are headed to Pontypandy to shoot their newest film, starring the one and only Fireman Sam.

An action hero isn’t complete without his trusty sidekick. Introducing Flex Dexter, a Hollywood actor co-starring in the upcoming production. Flex has his sights set on becoming the best action movie star ever. If only he can replace Fireman Sam as the film’s lead.

Suddenly, the largest fire Pontypandy has ever seen breaks out in the nearby forest. Will Fireman Sam and his crew be able to save the town without getting hurt in the process? Flex sure hopes they don’t…

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From Sunday, 01 August

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse