Flea Market Flip on Fine Living on StarSat

Flea Market Flip

Going shopping in a flea market is a lot of fun. Walking through all the stalls selling all sorts of things is quite the adventure, and if you manage to find a diamond in the rough and turn it into something valuable you’ve discovered what flea marketing is all about. Flea Market Flip takes that adventurous concept and turns it into a competition.

Two teams are given a list and $500. They need to run into the chaos of a flea market and buy everything on the list in one hour. They’re given one day in a workshop with whatever they managed to find and transform their junk into treasures. The very next day they have to take their refurbished masterpieces and try to sell them for profit. The team that manages to make the most profit out of their little misadventure wins a whopping $5,000!

Thursdays at 20:10 on Fine Living (ch 281)