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FOCUS: East Africa

East Africa is known for many things. Geographically they’re known for their tall mountains (Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya); their long river (River Nile) and big lake (Lake Victoria); and their humungous game reserves (Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Masai Mara). Scientifically they’re known for at least Jane Goodall’s research on Chimpanzees, and politically they played a vital role in the abolishment of Apartheid, protecting and supporting freedom fighters.

East Africa is also known for its rich resources: coal, natural gas, petroleum, precious metals, minerals, uranium and one of the biggest oil deposits in the world. In recent years however a great new resource has emerged, that has the world standing at attention: their music. This week on FOCUS they’ll feature the best music East Africa has to offer, including but certainly not limited to the award-winning Tanzanian bongo flava recording artist Diamond Platnumz.

TRACE Africa (ch 334) Saturday @ 14:00 (13th of July)