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Fresh & Simple

Having friends over for anything more complicated than a bring-and-braai can be very daunting. Not everyone is good at cooking and even fewer have the cash to hire a professional caterer. Even if you had one of these capabilities, how does one even choose what to serve? It’s not like you were taught what sort of food to serve at baby showers in high-school. The food isn’t even the only issue, for you’ll surely have to decorate your space to suit the event.

Luckily, Chef Vicky Crease is here to help. She’s catered for events, big and small, for decades. Step by step she’ll guide you through delicious, yet simple recipes that you can make at home for your special events. Every show will cover your starters, main course and dessert, so you can impress even your most snobbish of guests. Over and above all that she’ll even give you tips on how to set up your table and how to present your meals. The best part is that this show is home-grown: no more substituting ingredients and hoping it’ll still taste good in the end.

From 9 May | Weekdays | 17:30 | ST Rise | Ch 120