alternative networks

From TopTV to StarSat

Digital satellite television networks are all over the world. Specific providers grant their customers, within their countries, access through a selection of packages. In South Africa, DStv has always been the most popular choice, and TopTV provided much-needed competition, before the brand turned into the modern-day alternative for affordable satellite television viewing in this country – StarSat.

Most people, in South Africa, face the problem of only having a single viable choice when it comes to various services, such as broadband internet, where the monthly payments are borderline ridiculous, and the provided services are pathetic when compared to other countries in Africa, not to mention the world.

With a similar problem arising with satellite television, TopTV saved the day by offering viable and more affordable access to satellite television entertainment. StarSat has continued along the same path of providing customers with packages that are not only more affordable, but also offer choices for customers to add specific viewing packages to their base package, and avoid the process of paying for channels that will never be viewed. Here is how StarSat is still carrying the torch of the original TopTV, while offering incredible deals on satellite television packages at affordable prices:


Our Package Basics

 In the good old days of TopTV, customers could enjoy a variety of satellite television channels for their entertainment, without having to pay insane amounts of money on their monthly package subscriptions. StarSat continues that trend today, offering a selection between two basic packages in the form of our Special package, which offers 50 television channels and 25 audio channels, and our Super package that gives access to 80 viewing channels.

Once your choice is made, you have the option of adding one of our four add-on packages that give you even more viewing options. These packages include our Sports+ package, which adds two dedicated sports channels to your bouquet, and allows you to enjoy live sporting events around the world. Our Chinese, French, and Indian add-on packages are specifically crafted to not only suit the language, but also the culture to enhance your viewing experience. As a result, you are able to design your own specific viewing bouquet, without having to pay around R1 000 per month to have access to channels you will never watch.

A viable alternative to satellite television entertainment in South Africa started with TopTV, and continued through StarSat. If you want more information on how you can save money, and enjoy a specifically crafted viewing bouquet for your home entertainment, feel free to peruse our website for details on our packages, available channels, and prices.