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Future Human AI

Artificial intelligence is defined as the means to get computers to do stuff that would usually need human intelligence to pull off, like decision-making and speech recognition. Robots are defined as machines able to replicate human movements and functions. Combine the two and you either have a robot butler who knows when you’re sad and can give you backrubs whenever you want, or you have an automaton void of feelings who will take your job and be better at it. Or, of course, robots decide to take over the world and enslave (or kill) us all, though that’s a bit on the pessimistic side.

This series takes a look at where the technology of AI and robotics are at the moment and how they’re changing the world.

Da Vinci (ch 308) Thursdays @ 22:00 (Part I: 4th of July | Part II: 11th of July | Part III: 18th of July)