Genius on Da Vinci Kids on StarSat


We tend to think of geniuses as though they’re some godly beings. It makes sense because these people have changed the world forever. Where would we be had it not been for Edison’s durable lightbulb? If it weren’t for Nikola Tesla figuring out how to make alternating currents work we wouldn’t have power grids. And what of long-distance travel had the Write brothers not decided to fly? What many people don’t know is, just like the Gods of old, the lives of these, and many other inventors were difficult.

In this series, you won’t just learn about the amazing inventions that shaped our modern world but you’ll also gain a whole lot of respect for the people who made them. What inspired or drove them to come up with such innovations? How did they prevail (or fail) against the odds?

This is not a show just meant for the kids: if you’re into historical documentaries this will be worth the watch.

From 16th June | Sundays | 22:00 | Da Vinci | Ch 308