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Grey’s Anatomy (S15)

Going on its 15th season, Grey’s Anatomy writers are very good at keeping things interesting, and this season is no different. Expect more roller-coaster emotions and plot twists that will make your eyes bulge and your mouth gape open.

There are two new orthopaedic surgeons joining the Grey Sloan memorial hospital in this season: Dr Atticus Lincoln (Chris Carmack, The OC) and Dr Nico Kim (Alex Landi), both heart-throbs and ready to mix things up.

Many of the characters you know and love will still be there, facing new challenges in their exciting day-to-day lives. This season spends a lot of time focused on Meredith, as she copes with and settles into her identity as a single mother balancing work and issues of the heart.

Still one of the best medical dramas in history this season won’t disappoint.

From 4th June | Tuesdays | 20:45 | FOX | Ch 131