Grey’s Anatomy (Season 15)

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 15) on FOX on StarSat

As with every season of Grey’s Anatomy, expect to see the residents of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital juggle an incredibly stressful job with trying to maintain their personal relationships while life throws them curve-ball after curve-ball.

In this season a trusted doctor does something very criminal when the attempt to help a patient breaks a very serious law. New love sprouts where there was once only friendship. Someone finds out the hard way that sometimes it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie when she goes poking around in her past only to reveal horrors which blindside her completely. Grief and frustration set into a family when a cancer diagnosis leads to conflicting ways of dealing with it. A new life emerges when a doctor has a baby, but the relationship with the father is complicated at best. A longstanding love ends and once again a doctor finds herself single and alone, wondering whether she’ll ever find lasting love and whether it’s even worth trying at this point.

And those were just things that happened in their personal lives. Each character’s career progresses and stammers as challenges hit them left and right in their daily work. A lot of former students now have interns that they need to mentor and some of the actions of senior staff take everyone by surprise. This is still the best American primetime medical drama series out there, and with their 15th season, they are now the longest-running.

Tuesdays at 8:45 PM on FOX (ch 131, from June 9th)