Guess with Jess

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Guess with Jess

Asking, testing, find a way! Come along and have an adventure with Jess and his friends on Greendale Farm in London.  In each episode a new big question presents itself, and Jess and his friends need to solve so that they can all have fun together while solving each other’s problems.

In one episode, Jess and his hopping good friend Horris the frog want to play at the stream. Horris suggests having a swim but Jess is doesn’t like getting wet, being a cat and all.  Jess suggests playing on the water instead so the big question of the day becomes: How can we make a boat?

After figuring out what they want to figure out, it gets to testing time!  First, they drop a rock into the water, but it sinks down to the very bottom right away.  Then they try a saucer, but it sinks to the bottom of the stream.  Perhaps the problem is the weight they think, so the next thing to try is light things: a feather, a leaf and a flower.  Wouldn’t you know it, all three float! But Jess sports a problem: none of these things looks anything like a boat.

Right there and then Mimi the big pink rabbit arrives and gives Jess a paper hat, which falls onto the water with a big gust of wind. Oh my but the hat floats, and it looks just like a boat! Now they know that a paper boat is the best answer to their big question, and Jess and his friends spend the day playing in the stream with their paper boats.

Every episode follows the same pattern: asking a big question, testing a bunch of possible solutions, then finding the best answer in the end.  These skills are timeless and teaching your kids to think this way is invaluable.  They also get to have a lot of fun learning them too!

Every day at 10:30 AM on JimJam (ch 303)