Hello Mr Right (Zambia (S2)) on ST Novela E Plus on StarSat

Hello Mr. Right (Zambia) (S2)

A dating show with a difference. The premise is simple: six ladies get introduced to three guys. If a lady likes a guy, they turn the heart on their desk to show its red side, if they don’t, they turn it to show the blank side.

If that was all it was it would be a pretty boring show, if not for the two beautiful presenters who add heaps of personality and interesting questions to the mix. Every guy is asked questions and has the opportunity to show off their skills, and every woman is asked her opinion not only on the guys but on other things they’re interested in too. Even the audience gets in on the fun!

It’s a fun show which will make you both cringe at the awkwardness of the men on display and laugh at the pointed humour of the ladies and the presenters. If you’re looking for a truly entertaining dating show that doesn’t take itself too seriously I’d say give this show a shot.

From 21 April | Sundays | 20:40 | ST Novela E Plus | Ch 128