History Hunters on DaVinci on StarSat

History Hunters

“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.”
― Edmund Burke

If you don’t want to doom your children then this is the show for them! With the help of goofy animations and sound effects everywhere, follow Matt, Paige and the History Hunters as they go back in time to teach kids the happenings of the past in a way that isn’t at all boring. You’ll also get to learn about the neat inventions the people of the past came up with that we still use elements of today.

Showing neat things is not nearly as cool as having cool things, and your lucky kids can join in the fun by following the arts and crafts instructional videos on the show. They’ll get better at making things and might by accident learn a few things about science, mechanics and the physical properties of multiple materials. Or they can just have a lot of fun making a mess in the living room.

From 17 May | Fridays | 17:30 | Da Vinci | Ch 308