Horrible Histories (Season 8)

Horrible Histories (Season 8) on DaVinci on StarSat o5

Horrible Histories (Season 8)

The history of the human race is as diverse as humans themselves. There were heroes of valour that gave us a sense of honour. There were heroes of an industry that changed the way we lived forever. There were men who made medicines and women who invented things that saved thousands of lives.

With every story of greatness, however, there are many more stories of foolishness. Kings who became tyrants, slavers trading in lives, fools squandering their wealth and truly evil villains who put their needs above all others with terrible results.

We take a look at some of the good, the bad and frankly hilarious characters who’ve existed in the past, telling their stories within as funny a way possible so that we can learn and laugh through some of our horrible histories.

Saturdays and Sundays at 5 PM on Da Vinci (ch 308, from July 18th)