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People aren’t good with is isolation, whether socially or physically. We’re social creatures who need to interact with others in order to stay sane. That’s the reason why solitary confinement is one of the worst punishments you can give to someone. This fear of isolation also explains why people don’t like being trapped, or having their freedoms removed. Prison wouldn’t be a punishment otherwise.

Another thing we have trouble with is the unknown. Our brains are really good at ignoring everything around us and only focusing on what’s important to us at any given moment. We, thanks to millennia of survival-instincts, are hard-wired to give our full attention to the unknown. It doesn’t matter what we’re busy with, if something unexpected happens it gets our full attention. That’s the reason we don’t do well with strangers. We are hard-wired to trust our ‘tribe’, and everyone outside of that tribe is automatically distrusted. This is why in a train full of strangers you get an abundance of silence.

In identity, a group of eleven people find themselves isolated from the rest of the world when a huge rain-storm floods the road on both sides of a sketchy motel. Usually, this wouldn’t be much of a problem and would only lead to some awkward silences. Unfortunately, the way everyone ended up at the motel isn’t par-for-the-course. One person ended up there because their car broke down. Another was there because they drove into someone and almost killed them, carrying the victim to the motel in the hopes of saving their life. Another is a police officer who’s transporting someone who committed multiple murders to trial and needs a place to stay for the night. Given that most of the people’s night started with either an unlikely incident or as a major inconvenience, everyone there is quite a bit on-edge.

Death is another thing that people find very unsettling, especially if it keeps on happening. At this inaccessible motel in the middle of nowhere, that’s exactly what happened. Someone winds up dead, then another, and then another… Clearly, someone, or something, is going about picking people off one by one. Suspicion and sanity start on a rapid decline as everyone is out to survive.

I’m a fan of films where you need to keep your wits about you to understand what’s going on or you miss the plot completely. Identity is such a film. Intrigue and suspense are plentiful, and the plot twists will either leave you impressed or highly irritated. It’s a Marmite sort of film (you’ll either love it or hate it) but it’s well worth a watch either way.

21 April | Sunday | 21:45 | ST Movies Plus | Ch 100