Italian Bride

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Italian Bride

After her mother died when she was just a child, Fiorella Bianchi has been her family’s primary caregiver. Lately, destiny hasn’t been too kind to her. Her younger sister, Gianna, has been diagnosed with heart disease, and her father, Mario, suffers from pneumonia.

Fiorella feels resentful. Working day and night, her cleaning job only affords her family a tiny, one-room home. She also feels trapped, for her family will surely perish if she leaves them.

Despite her situation, Fiorella still allows herself to dream of romance. One day, she muses, she’ll find a man who’s willing to give her a chance. She’ll meet a handsome stranger, have her dream wedding and live happily ever after.

Fate may not have been kind to her, but perhaps good fortune is right around the corner.

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Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse