Jean-Claude van Damme Fan Month (stunt)

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Jean-Claude van Damme Fan Month (stunt)

“The Muscles form Brussels” has been a fighter for most of his life. His father enrolled him into a Shōtōkan karate school at the age of ten, representing the Belgian Karate Team two years later. At the age of 18, he received his black belt. He went on to learn kickboxing, Muay Thai, taekwondo and ballet. A successful martial artist, Van Damme’s passions were in acting.

At 22 years of age he, and his childhood friend, moved to the United States in the hopes of becoming movie stars. Van Damme made friends with Chuck Norris and became a bouncer in one of Norris’ clubs. Van Damme spent the next four years playing extras in various low-budget movies until he got his first sizeable role in No Retreat, No Surrender. His big break was starring in Blood Sport, which launched his career. He hasn’t looked back since and is still working in the film industry. He’s mostly an actor but has dabbled in directing, acting and producing.

Every Friday evening in June features this great action hero, who acted in over 60 movies and is still going strong at 60 years old. This stunt brings you three-channel premiers: Black Eagle, Lionheart, and Nowhere to Run.

Here are the movies you can look forward to:

Friday, 4 June:

8 PM → Knock Off (1998)

As Hong Kong prepares to return to Chinese rule, the city’s criminals are at war with terrorists plotting to kill hundreds of innocents. Fashion designer Marcus Ray is in the crossfire, and the only person who can help him is a wimpy CIA agent.

9:30 PM → Inferno (1999)

A man is contemplating suicide is given a reason to live when three men steal his motorbike and leave him for dead. Now he seeks revenge.

Friday, 11 June:

8 PM → Lionheart (1990) [premiere]

While in the French military, he gets a letter letting him know that his brother is dead and his sister-in-law is jobless. To provide for her and her child, he goes AWOL and joins an illegal no-holds-barred fight club.

9:50 PM → Legionnaire (1998)

After making a mob boss angry for not throwing a fight, Alain flees to join the French Legion, where he fights and makes friends for life.

Friday, 18 June:

8 PM → Black Eagle (1988) [premiere]

An American plane containing secret technology goes missing in the Mediterranean. The legendary agent Black Eagle is sent to retrieve it.

9:40 PM → We Die Young (2019)

A kid works for the most notorious gang in Washington DC, the MS13. Things get complicated when he tries to prevent his baby brother from joining, and both end up on the gang’s kill list. A retired military man is the only person they can turn to for help.

Friday, 25 June:

3 PM → Inferno (1999)

4:35 PM → Legionnaire (1998)

6:15 PM → Black Eagle (1988)

8 PM → We Die Young (2019)

9:30 PM → Knock Off (1998)

11:05 PM → Lionheart (1990)

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Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse