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Music is amazing! A song can make you jump for joy: make you dance and jump until your knees are tired. Some songs can even make you sad: making you cry when things go bad. Music is magic, no doubt about it, but have you ever wondered where all the music in the universe comes from? Why it comes from the planet Jaambo! Jaambo is a colourful place full of colourful characters, and the whole planet is one big music machine.

Here lives Bello. He’s an energetic kid, all coloured in red, who loves reading comics and having adventures. He’s a pretty smart fellow and has become the leader of the crew thanks to his unlimited optimism and energy.

Goomo, the magenta boy, is a caring lad who is really sensitive. His first instinct is always to act in accordance with his emotions. Loveable and good-hearted to a fault, he’s the greatest friend one can ask for.

Mina is a genius. You won’t find a smarter kid anywhere. If you’re looking for her you’re almost guaranteed to find her in her lab coming up with a fabulous new invention. She’s a right genuine problem-solver she is. Once she was lonely and built herself her own little friends!

Rita’s the youngest one, and just like young kids she tends to get overexcited and impulsive and it gets her into trouble, but she’s a sweetie-pie who just wants to catch one of those cute Dodos if they weren’t always running away from her.

Ongo is the quiet one. What he lacks in verbal communication he more than makes up for in musical talent. He is by far the most musically gifted out of everyone.

The King has a very serious and educated public persona, but behind the plush curtains, he’s a playful rascal. He absolutely loves his position and isn’t above declaring decrees just because he thinks it’ll be fun.

The Queen used to be the naughtiest girl around, according to The King, but as an adult, she’s loved by everyone for her gentle nature and her strong moral sense.

The Dodos, when they’re not running away from Rita, keep the planet going, and happily work away at making the music we all love to listen to.

Become part of the Jelly Jamm crew to have a ton of fun with wicked background music!

Weekdays at 6:30 PM on ST Kids (ch 300)