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Jing-Ju Cats (S1)

The 12 clans of Purpetua are led by clan leaders whose duty it is to protect each clan’s unique traits and culture and to act in their respective clan’s interests. You might think that in a country with 12 different clans running the show there would be a lot of fighting going on, but thanks to each clan leader’s pure intentions and hearts of gold, Purpetua turned out to be quite the utopia.

At least that’s the way it used to be, until An, a power-hungry dark lord with a chip on his shoulder decided to ruin everyone’s day. He cast a powerful enchantment that corrupted the hearts of the leaders of each clan of Purpetua. Now every clan’s leader is under An’s control, and his dream for the country does not include peace and prosperity, but power and vengeance. Not being a society built on the principles of democracy it’s really difficult to solve the problem of problematic leaders. Here’s where our little band of five heroes comes in.

The star of our group is an enthusiastic ball of energy by the name of Lil’pai. He’s a member of the Strengthening Clan, whose job it is to basically protect Purpetua from all threats, both domestic and foreign. With his over-sized bell-on-a-stick and his undying optimism, he’s striving to bring light and hope back into the hearts of all citizens of Purpetua.

Jing is a member of the Transforming Clan and as feisty as they come. Her clan is known for their cultural dance which is known all throughout the land. Even the clothes they wear serve as a means to accentuate the dance’s movements. The dance isn’t just fancy footwork however, for the clan has developed an entire fighting style that makes use of their traditional moves and garb. Talk about dedication to the cultural arts.

Wu is a member of the Fire Clan. Descendent of a long line of Beijing Opera Cats (super-powered cats) and a master of fire and the bow-staff, Wu is a brilliant warrior and he never lets anyone forget it.

Zad is the group’s tank. He can take a lot of punishment and dish out even more. He’s so strong that he can break the ground beneath his feet with his bare fists. As far as personality goes he’s a softy on the inside, with his main concern being the protection of his friends.

Together, our furry friends form Troupe Hope and go on a great adventure to free the land from the spells of chaos. Expect fun antics, superpowers and epic transformations, as the group grow together and unlock their true power.

 From 10 April | Weekdays | 18:00 | ST Kids | Ch 300