Jing-Ju Cats

Jing-Ju Cats

Purpetua is the pristine paradise for cats of all stripes. Protecting this utopian rock are 12 distinct clans, all with their own traits and cultures. One day, however, a power-hungry dark lord with a chip on his shoulder named An decided to ruin everyone’s day by unleashing his hordes of monsters on the world and corrupting the hearts of each of the clan’s leaders. Not being a society built on the principles of democracy it’s really difficult getting rid of (or curing if you prefer) these problematic leaders. This is where our little band of heroes comes in.

Lil’pai is an 11-year-old (the youngest member of the group thank goodness) member of the Strengthening Clan. Their job is to protect the world basically. Optimistic to a fault, he fights with genuine intent to bring light and hope back to the hearts of Purpetua’s citizens with his over-sized bell-on-a-stick.

Jing is a feisty woman 12-year-old with sleeves for days. The Transforming Clan she’s a part of has a signature dance-style which the clan’s members like. Like, really, really like. So much so that they permanently wear long-sleeved clothing to accentuate their dance. This uniform of sorts is so popular they’ve developed an entire fighting style around the garb. Talk about dedication to the cultural arts…

Wu is a Fire Clan member (yes, fire is their shtick) who fights with a long red stick. Descended from a long line of Beijing Opera Cats (super-powered cats) this 12-year-old youngster radiates confidence and has no problem informing people of his brilliance.

Zad is the eldest (14 years of age) and physically strongest of the group. When I say strong I mean he hits the ground and it breaks into pieces. Pair that with his fierce determination to protect his friends this isn’t the sort of guy you want to be messing with. Be that as it may, Zad is actually a light-weight when it comes to matters of the heart. He’s basically an egg, hard on the outside but all soft and mushy on the inside.

There are a whole lot more interesting cats to meet on Troupe Hope’s journey. Watch as this ingratitude of children (yes, that is the canonical collective noun for children, and it’s amazing) take on an evil mastermind, vanquishing foes left, right and centre while strengthening their friendship and unlocking their full power.

From Saturday the 8th of September at 18:30 on ST KungFu ch 155