Justice League Dark

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Justice League Dark

A woman speeds through the streets of Washington DC, trying to kill as many pedestrians as possible. Wonder Woman swoops in to stop the pointless slaughter, only to be embraced by the driver.

In a Metropolis suburb, a man aims his shotgun towards his cowering wife and two children. Just before he pulls the trigger, Superman smashes through the roof and disarms the madman. The would-be killer justifies his actions by pointing to his shed, where Superman finds the rotting corpses of the man’s neighbours.

A mother smashes into the pavement of a Gotham street after tossing her baby off the church’s terrace. Batman only had enough time to save the baby.

These incidents have two common threads: the attackers had no criminal record beforehand, and they all mistook their victims for demons. Before snapping out of their delusions, they thought they were doing the right thing. Demon-delusion crimes are suddenly happening all over the world. The Justice League suspects a paranormal element, but Batman is sceptical: “the criminally insane don’t need magic as an excuse,” as he states.

Batman sets his scepticism aside when, upon returning home to Wayne Manor, finds a message scribbled on his wall telling him to search for John Constantine. Batman asks an old friend, Zatanna, for help to find the illusive working-class warlock.

Together, the world’s greatest detective, Batman, and occult detective John Constantine must lead their rag-tag team to find the monster behind these horrific crimes. Joining the fight is the wall-scribbler himself: the corpse-possessor Deadman; and the embodiment of Constantine’s House of Mystery: Black Orchid.

Justice League Dark is an all-new story for the DC Animation Universe. Catch it for the first time this Saturday at 8 PM on Toonami, StarSat channel 306.

Saturday at 8 PM on Toonami (ch 306) from Saturday, 10 July

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse