Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen

I bet your first question is “who is Chris Hanson and why should I care?” Well, Christopher Edward Hanson is an investigative journalist who appears on TV. He’s covered very famous criminal and terrorist events such as the Columbine massacre, Unibomber and the September 11 attacks. Not satisfied with simply reporting on events, he created series (To Catch a Predator and Hansen vs Predator) in which he collaborates with investigators and local authorities to catch online predators red-handed in recorded and subsequently broadcasted sting operations.

Ok, so we know he’s worked on a bunch of this stuff in the past, but is he any good at it? Turns out that he’s quite the award winner: 8 Emmies, 4 Edward R Murrow Awards, 3 Clarion Awards, an Overseas Press Club award, an IRE award, a National Press Club award, an International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Award including awards for excellence from the Associated Press and United Press International. If that doesn’t convince you of his pedigree then nothing will.

This awarded veteran investigative reporter uses his skills in the show Killer Instinct. Chris gives his insight into some of America’s most shocking murders, of which there are more than a few. Thanks to the access he gets to key witnesses, survivors, law enforcers and even nosy neighbours, Chris can create a complete picture of the events that took place. He even gets access to the crime scenes and uncovers a few never-before-seen archived materials to do with the case.

If you are fascinated by violent crime and the investigations that go into them, then this is a show you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Mondays from 23rd July at 21:00 on ID ch 223 (Super Package)