Killing Eve (Season 2)

Killing Eve on FOX on StarSat

The critically acclaimed and multiple award-winning Killing Eve is back for a second season of heart-pounding cat-and-mouse between Eve and Villanelle, now more obsessed with each other than ever. Both of them have gone off the reservation, Villanelle killing whomever she pleases despite the pleading of her handler and Eve hunting her down no matter what laws are broken in her pursuit.

The new season takes place 30 seconds after the shocking season 1 finale as their game continues. Expect to see even more award-winning acting, thrilling drama, disturbing murders, delicious food and of course killer outfits in this season of Killing Eve. This is the best spy thriller out there.

Wednesdays at 8:45 PM on FOX (ch 131, from July 1st)

Repeats on Fridays at 2 PM; Saturdays at 7:25 PM and Sundays at 10 PM.