Killing Eve (Season 3)

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Killing Eve (Season 3)

Eve is a secret agent who hunts assassins for justice. Villanelle is an assassin who hunts her targets for big paychecks. What started as a good woman hunting a bad one has become the story of two complex characters trying to best each other in a game of cat and mouse while in the process falling for each other.

The two are back and as obsessive as ever. Despite all that they’ve done to each other, despite the pain and the anger, there is still an undertow of deep admiration between them. Another thrilling season lies ahead with Eve and Villanelle at each other’s throats and hearts.

This show has received critical acclaim across the board for its sets, writing, editing and performances. 30 awards and 100 nominations later the next season promises to offer every bit as much quality as the last.

(Spoilers for season 1 and 2 ahead.)

The last season of Killing Eve concluded with Eve and Villanelle separating, for real this time. Eve makes it unquestionably clear to Villanelle that she wants nothing to do with her despite having saved her life mere moments before (in what Villanelle saw as an act of true love) and despite all that they’ve been through and done for each other. Villanelle repays her broken heart with a bullet to Eve’s back.

Sometime later, Villanelle is living her best life: killing for cash and living the high life. She’s dealing with her loss by pouring into her work. Everything seems fine and dandy until Constantine, her handler, spoils the fun by revealing that Eve is, despite what she believed, alive. Villanelle thought herself over Eve and Eve thought her life would be better with Villanelle gone, and neither of them can leave well enough alone.

Expect more extravagant opulence, delicious food, beautiful dresses, villainous plotting and gruesome violence to come in this critically acclaimed, multi-award-winning thriller.

Wednesdays at 8:45 PM on FOX (ch 131) from 26 August

Also on Fridays at 2 PM, Saturdays at 7:25 PM and Sundays at 10 PM