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Kung Fu Mother-in-Law

Imagine living in a Kung-Fu universe where time and distance are context sensitive and no one notices when physics take a break. That would be great, except that the Kung Fu genre tends to take place in the past. I don’t want to live in the past: I’m way too happy with electricity, medical science and Wi-Fi.

This series takes the fantasy of Kung-Fu and brings it into the modern world. Mei Chao Ying is a Kung-Fu master and the head of a martial arts clan. Family dynamics go a little awry when Ren Xiao, a young skateboarder and dancer enters the fray.

It’s difficult to pin down exactly what KFMIL is trying to be because it isn’t afraid to go pure drama when the occasion calls for it. The editors also aren’t afraid to stick to one style, and often experiment with different techniques to get emotions and ideas across. Even in the first episode, there are scenes where cartoon thought bubbles are used for comedic effect and sombre scenes are backed with emotional music.

Overall it’s a fun romp and anyone who enjoys Chinese comedy drama Kung-Fu series will enjoy this one.

From 20th June | Weekdays | 18:00 | ST Rise | Ch 120