Lale Ki Lolu

Lale Ki Lolu on Baby TV on StarSat

In a magical land there lived a fairy who spent her days flying around the flowers and butterflies. She enjoyed this pretty world but became lonely all by herself, so she decided to make herself a friend. From a rock, she made a happy bird, who flittered all around her. From a small garden, she made Lolu, who sprung from the ground with a head of living plants where the butterflies love to flutter about. Fearing that Lolu might be alone, she created another friend. From a sprout of grass, Lale sprung with a big leaf on his back. Together they made the best of friends.

Join Lale and Lolu as they run around the magical world. Fairy makes them a grand world to explore in every episode, from the ruins of ancient Egypt to the mysterious Far East. Watch how the two get into and out of trouble while communicating in nothing but sounds, inviting kids to use their imaginations to fill in the blanks of the story themselves.

Daily on Baby TV (ch 305)

Here’s an episode of the show for you to enjoy: