Legend of Yunxi on ST Kung Fu on StarSat

Legend of Yunxi

Growing up as the least favourite daughter can’t be a great thing to have to go through. That sort of hurt either makes you into someone resentful out to hurt the world or into someone caring who wants to heal the world. Han Yunxi decided to go with option two for she’s well known for her medicinal skills. Luckily for everyone else too for she fell in love and married the mysterious and heroic prince Long Feiye. Now a princess, she has to use her cleverness and kindness to curry favour from her people and the political elite in the struggle for power.

This wouldn’t be much of a show if it was just “a nice lady does nice things and becomes empress”. Expect to see a whole lot of surprises, difficult choices, revenge, forgiveness, selfishness and love on her journey.

Weekdays at 22:10 on ST Kung Fu (ch 155)