Let's go, Flash!

Let’s Go, Flash!

Len Zifeng is a naturally talented boxer who’s been working part-time and in the ring and as a delivery man. When his sister gets into medical school with a full bursary he doesn’t need to keep on working to look after her, and starts thinking about his future. While he was sitting and eating dinner he noticed some thugs going after an honourable (though rather eccentric) stranger, and decided to step in to help. The fight didn’t go according to plan, however, and soon Len needed the stranger’s help of the very stranger he sought to help in the first place. The stranger beats up the goons surprisingly easily using only a stick. Len then begs the stranger to know what martial art he was able to use to win the fight, and the stranger answered that it was fencing. Looking to get out of the boxing life, Len then decided to join the sports college Zhenyu Academy, one of the best fencing academies in China.

This drama manages to combine an intriguing romance-intertwined story with great action scenes and just enough silly humour to be entertaining without being annoying. Add some Kung Fu physics and CG to ramp up the fun-factor and you have a show well worth the watch.

Weekends at 19:20 on ST KungFu ch 155