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Little Brown Bear

I’m used to children’s shows which do one of three things: they’re purely fantastical nonsense that does nothing but entertain your children; they teach kids how to do basic things like count and read; or they’re preaching sessions, packing in at least one life lesson into every episode.

Little Brown Bear isn’t any of these. Its premise isn’t too fantastical: The only strange thing is that every character is a bear. Every situation the characters find themselves in is remarkably grounded (less some unlikely physics) and every character reacts in a manner you would expect them too, especially the adults. Little Brown Bear wakes up very early and rushes to his parent’s room and switches on the light because he’s bored. They wake up and react with anger and frustration just like most parents would.

The show doesn’t really cover big life lessons, nor does it teach kids how to count, but it does do a great job at teaching kids social skills: what you expect to happen if you wake a baby on purpose happens, and it teaches kids that they shouldn’t do that.

It’s a cute little show (even if the bear cub looks a little creepy) and it won’t drive you too crazy. The episodes don’t linger on forever because they’re only about three minutes long and there aren’t any hair-pulling spontaneous musical numbers either.

From 13 May | Daily | 07:40 & 15:09 | JimJam | Ch 303