Lost Cities with Albert Lin (Compilation Special)

Lost Cities with Albert Lin (Compilation Special) on National Geographic on StarSat - optimized

As the millennia pass, the earth shifts like an ocean. Where there was once thriving civilisations there are now forests. Towns and Cities constructed atop abandoned villages long since forgotten. New societies have replaced those of old, but there are a few that refuse to let the memories of the past stay lost.

Albert Lin, National Geographic Explorer, will take us all over the world to meet the people using state of the earth technology to find, unearth and preserve the ruins buried beneath our feet. These field archaeologists use ground-penetrating radar, LiDAR and 3D scanning to find what we cannot see under tons of earth.

Join the adventure as we discover famous ancient sites like the Knights Templar in Israel, the Lost Kingdom of the Pacific in Micronesia and the city that inspired the legends of El Dorado in Colombia. This is where cutting edge technology and science meet to rescue the memories of ancient legends.

Fridays at 7 PM on National Geographic Channel (ch 220, June 5th & June 12th)