Made in a Day

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Made in a Day

American manufacturing has been on the upswing in recent years and American companies are building some of the most impressive things on the planet every single day. Together we’ll be exploring some of the most impressive factories on American soil and get a behind-the-scenes look at how these world-class products are put together.

The range of products in this show differ wildly. From clothing (New Balance sneakers) to vehicles (Firetrucks, John Deere tractors, Jeep SUVs and Tesla Model 3 electric cars). From aircraft (Airbus H-125 helicopters) to food-and-drink (aeroplane meals, Tabasco hot sauce and Jack Daniels Whiskey). Some featured products even leave the atmosphere (ULA space rockets and OneWeb satellites).

This is your chance to witness how the most iconic and important American products are made today. For anyone interested in how things are put together (or just interested in how your favourite things are made) this is the show you’ll want to see.

Tuesdays at 7 PM on National Geographic (ch 220, from 28 July)