Maseko Ties Season 1 teasor

Episode 1
In episode one we get an introduction to the key characters as the series open at Molly’s engagement. We see John’s pride as he introduces Grace to a hospital board member. We see Molly’s jealousy as she witnesses the introduction. As the camera moves through the party, it follows bursts of conversations between characters, introducing them. Once the party is in full swing Molly takes centre stage for the speeches, a chance to dig at her older, single sister, and to play up to dad. In the middle it, Grace is called to an emergency at the hospital. While she is home for the wedding, she has decided to work there. Molly is not happy, and neither is John, but she goes. There her patient is a pregnant woman with high blood pressure, and through him she meets Mike – and there is an instant connection. The episode ends with Grace coming home and having a fun sibling moment, laughing and joking, while John and Christina look on, proud and happy at their beautiful family.

Episode 2
In episode two we see Mike angling to do a story on Grace, profiling her as a doctor. He claims it is because he is impressed with how she is treating his sister, but he likes her. We also get a glimpse into Grace’s life as a doctor at the hospital – treating her pregnant preeclampsia patient, consulting with a regular client, a Mr. Duma, who is a bit touched in the head. We see her interaction with Freddy and catch a sense of how pressured she feels by her father when she snaps at Freddy after he tells her it is nice to have her back. We really get into Sydney’s character and start teasing out his story in episode two. We see him with John and it is clear that there is something about being a doctor that is related to his vendetta, we see him with Molly, how she really loves him and we get to wonder – does he really love her?

Episode 3
Episode three is the day before the big wedding between Molly and Sydney. Molly is packing for the honeymoon, and Grace is wrapping up at work so that she can be off for the wedding. While Grace is doing her rounds, Mike is with his sister, taking photos of her, keeping her mood light, and talking about his plans for his article with Grace – which is when Grace walks in. It is a light-hearted scene that really gives insight into Mike’s character, and we get to see how without even trying he manages to tap into the lighter side of Grace. She agrees to do the article with him and then leaves the hospital. From there the episode is all about the characters interacting as they gear up for the wedding. John, the father of the groom, Dr. Cashdan and Sydney have drinks in the formal bar. John regales them with the story of falling in love with Christina. Sydney and his father have a moment about losing Sydney’s mother. The women have a night spa with champagne at the pool where love and marriage advice (good and bad) is dispensed with lots of laughter.

Episode 4
Episode four is the big wedding. The morning dawns with an emotional and tempestuous Molly taking centre stage, while Sydney goes missing for the better part of the morning, leaving everyone worried whether there will actually be a wedding. He finally reappears and the wedding goes on. At the alter Grace, a bridesmaid along with Carol, gets notice that her pregnant patient has collapsed and is in critical condition. Grace leaves the wedding, infuriating Molly and John. At the hospital Grace and Nicky fight for Cindy’s life and for the life of her baby. It is touch and go, and in the end, they are both saved. When Grace goes to tell Mike the news he is happy and convinces her to let him bring her lunch the following day to say “thank you”.

Episode 5
Episode 5 opens the day after the wedding, with the Masekos around the breakfast table. Until Molly and Sydney arrive at the table that is all they discuss – why Sydney disappeared and was late for his own wedding. When they arrive Molly turns the tables and gets at Grace for leaving. Rose jumps on the bandwagon and talks to her about being old and single. All this upsets Grace somewhat and she leaves for work. At the hospital Mike is taking pictures of her and interviewing her for his magazine article. There is such chemistry between them and Mike seems to get Grace to reflect on aspects of her life she doesn’t usually reflect on. Later she spends time in the nursery with Cindy’s baby and she decides to call Sandra for a chat. The wedding, Mike, the baby – all of it has awakened in Grace the things she has sacrificed for her work. She is wondering if there is still time for her to have it all. Interspersed throughout the episode is snippets of everyone’s lives – John and Sandra have a conversation at the hospital that is full of innuendo, Molly speaks to Sydney about why he was late, Cindy’s husband breaks it off with her and Mike punches him. The episode ends with Mike attempting to ask Grace out.

Episode 6
Episode six starts out light-hearted, funny and heart-warming. Grace receives flowers at home and then, when she arrives at the hospital someone has left a fruit basket for her. Just as she is wondering who, Mike arrives with a bunch of yellow roses for her. She pulls him aside, a little angry at his indiscretion – three gifts in one morning, all conspicuous is not her idea of romance. As she is telling him this, a big man in a purple suit comes over with the basket. It and the morning flowers were from him, Prince, a man sent for Grace by Aunt Rose, a man who wants to make Grace wife number six. To get away Grace tells him that it is too late, that she is married to Mike. Mike backs her up and kisses her. Prince leaves. The kiss turns into a real kiss that leaves them both reeling. Grace goes about her day and so does Mike. Grace and Freddy attend to a really sick patient and the episode ends with the reality that it might be Ebola. Freddy and Grace have to go into quarantine.

Episode 7
Episode seven is all about the Ebola case. The hospital is in lockdown, Grace and Freddy are in quarantine, health officials are on the scene while further testing is done – it is chaos and scary. But Grace and Freddy deal with it largely due to Freddy’s trench humour, and the visits from family – from the other side of the quarantine bubble. Later in the evening is when you see the emotional toll. Grace is reflecting about time being precious and how life can be taken before you even fully live it. Christina can’t sleep and eventually breaks down while John tries to comfort here. Late at night Mike sneaks in and stays with Grace until she falls asleep. The last thing he says to her is that he is taking her out when she gets out, but when he looks at her for a response, she is fast asleep. The episode ends with Grace and Freddy getting the news that it isn’t Ebola and that they are cleared to leave.

Episode 8
In episode eight everyone is coming back to normal after the Ebola scare. Mike is goaded by his boss into asking John Maseko if they could hold the launch at the Maseko mansion. Grace and Freddy go home. Freddy’s wife feeds him a pot of pasta and a fruit bowl, her own over-the-top way to care for him. Grace gets pasta and a grilling from her mom, Aunt Rose and Sandra about the man situation – Prince, Mike, what’s happening… Grace evades them and bolts. She goes to the hospital to spend buy valtrex online cheap time with her dad. He talks to her about coming on full time and they end up having a massive argument. Grace decides to hell with it, and even though her and Mike never officially planned anything (she was half asleep when he promised her a date), she arrives at his apartment for that date. Mike is totally unprepared. She tells him its fine, she will cook him dinner. She tries and fails and they end up eating takeaways, and later on they kiss. It is clear that something is developing here. Cut in between scenes from Mike’s apartment, we see Christina and Carol having a drink after work. Carol is questioning her marriage and towards the end of their conversation she doubles over in pain. There is something wrong but she says she’s fine.

Episode 9
In episode nine, Molly and Sydney return from their honeymoon while everyone else is at the breakfast table. At the same time the magazine with the article about Grace is delivered and everyone reads it. Christina, John and Carol are proud and happy for Grace. Molly is typically dismissive, and Grace leaves before there can be any conflict. While she is at the hospital Mike visits and asks her to go to the launch as his plus one. Later that morning, at the Maseko home, John offers Sydney a job as a surgeon at the hospital. Sydney accepts. He goes to tell Molly, who is thrilled. Sydney decides to visit the hospital to familiarise himself with it before his official start. While he is there he comes across Grace handling an emergency. He steps in and takes over, saving the man’s life. Grace is furious. She goes to talk to her father about it and they end up having a massive fight. Meanwhile, Molly is at the hospital congratulating Sydney on his performance. Freddy tries to give Grace some perspective and eventually Grace goes to her father and makes peace. When Grace gets home Molly is holding court in the lounge, retelling the story of Sydney’s great save. Molly digs at Grace and defeated, Grace decides to spend the evening in her room. The episode ends with John and Christina getting ready for bed with Christina warning John that the way he went about things will cause problems in the future.

Episode 10
In episode 10 it is Sydney’s first official day at the hospital. He is taken on a tour by Nicky and reminded by Molly that he could end up running the place. Molly goes on to say that it would raise her own standing in the family and she would finally be equal to Grace. Grace overhears this part of the conversation and is surprised, but doesn’t reveal herself. She goes about her business, attending to the quirky Mr. Duma again. Later in the locker rooms she wanders to Freddy if she is doing the right thing, not accepting her father’s offer. After work Sydney meets his father for drinks. They have a long discussion about his mother and what it would be like if she were still alive. Sydney tells his father that Molly is pregnant and that they haven’t told anyone yet. Back at the Maseko home it is the launch party. Throughout the night Mike and Grace flirt and get close, and eventually they decide to leave – together.

Episode 11
Episode 11 opens at Mike’s apartment. Grace has spent the night. While she is sleeping, Mike is making coffee and breakfast to bring to her in bed. She wakes up, sees the time and panics. Mike tells her he called the hospital and told them she’d be a bit late. She relents and they have breakfast. When Grace does get to the hospital she runs into Freddy who coaxes some of the details out of her. Unfortunately her father overhears her and calls her into his office. He tells her to act like a professional and she realises that as her boss he is right. She apologises and goes back to work. Sydney comes to see John and asks him how he came to own the hospital. John tells him a very inspiring story about coming from nothing and making your own luck. Reluctantly Sydney is impressed. As the day progresses, Sandra comes for lunch with Grace to discuss everything that is going on. Christina drags Carol to the hospital under false pretences so that she can get a check-up. Sandra goes from lunch with Grace to John in his office, which is where Christina finds them. She is a little suspicious but puts it aside. Mike tells his boss he is writing an article about relationships with older women and younger men, and then goes to the hospital where he kisses Grace in front of Carol. The episode ends with Christina saying that she has a bad feeling about what’s wrong with Carol.

Episode 12
Episode 12 starts with Christina and John having a big argument about whether or not John is seeing Sandra. Frustrated, John leaves Christina in her room and comes downstairs where he runs into Carol. He tells her she should be taking it easy since hasn’t been feeling well, but Carol is adamant that she is going to work. Meanwhile, later that afternoon, Mike is introducing Grace to his family for the first time. It is a shower for Cindy because they didn’t get to do one before the birth due to the complications. From the minute Grace arrives it is clear that Mike’s mother doesn’t approve of the relationship. Yet, Grace tries her best until she gets a call that Carol has collapsed and has been rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Grace leaves the party to go to the hospital with the rest of the family. John and Grace both try to get Freddy to tell them what Carol’s tests are staying so far but Freddy sticks by his ethics and tells them when he has all the results he needs he will speak to his patient first, before anyone else. John and Grace reluctantly agree. John also calls Sydney in and tells him that if Carol is really sick with any major disease like cancer then he wants Sydney to take over as acting chief of staff while he devotes his attention to Carol and the family. Sydney agrees and can’t help but think how easy his trajectory has been thus far. John phones Sandra to tell her about Carol and to tell her that they need to cool it. The episode ends with Carol in her room sleeping, a mysterious figure watching her…

Episode 13
In Episode 13 the mystery man is hovering around the room and corridor while Carol sleeps. Before he can be confronted by anyone he leaves. Carol wakes up and looks at her phone to see if Goodwill has called or left a message. He hasn’t and she is disheartened. Carol’s results come back. She has stage 1 cervical cancer. Freddy tells Carol with Dr. John there too and John then goes to tell the rest of the family who are waiting in his office. A little later that day Mike comes to the hospital to see how Grace is doing. She tells him that she is breaking it off with him and that the time just isn’t right to be having a relationship. Mike is upset and the devastation he feels at the thought of losing Grace pushes him to propose. He decides that he will stage a romantic proposal at the hospital, thinking that it will be the perfect distraction. John officially asks Sydney to take over as chief of staff. That night, when everyone is gathered in Carol’s room, Mike pulls Grace aside and takes her to his spot. Cut to Sydney in the bathroom telling his confidante that he is now chief of staff.

This is the season end. We leave the audience hanging with the questions: Did Mike propose, and what did Grace say? What is Sydney up to? Who is the mysterious man that has been skulking around the hospital?