Matter of Respect

Matter of Respect on ST Novela E on StarSat

Matter of Respect

Tamer Kılıç’s dad decided to move the family to Istanbul to start his own business. It would be a brand new start. For a while, things were going well, but it all went wrong. After saving for his whole life to open his store, some Mafia goons broke in and stole everything.

The Kılıç family faced ruin, living in a new city without a cent to their name. It was all too much for Tamer’s father. Racked with guilt, he could no longer stand what he felt he had done to his family. Tamer and his mother found his body in his store, hanging from a noose.

Tamer could never forgive the Mafia for what they did to his family. One way or another, he would get revenge, even if it means giving up his honour.

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