McFarland, USA

McFarland, USA

Jim White is a bit of a hot-head, and as we all know that never ends well. After being fired as a football coach he decides to pack up and leave with his family to McFarland so that he might find a more humble job in a small American town.

McFarland is a rural farming town in California’s Central Valley, and as such, is home to many financially struggling people. Most of the citizens, especially the Latin-American kids, have lost all hope of leaving the town and building better lives for themselves.

When Jim started teaching PE (and science) at McFarland’s school he noticed that a few of his students were surprisingly good runners. Knowing that California was going to hold its first cross-country state championship that year, Jim convinced the school to establish its own cross-country team. Never having taught cross country made convincing the school more difficult, but compared to convincing the kids and their parents it was easy. You see these kids worked the farm fields every morning and every evening to help support their families. White convinces them however and a team is assembled.

This is a heartfelt, inspirational story of how hopeless youth can rise above their own expectations with hard work and determination under good leadership. Inspired by true events, this family orientated Disney film is right up your alley if you’re into uplifting and approachable tales.

Wednesday 25th of July at 19:40 on ST Movies Plus ch 100