Message from Nat Geo

Message from Nat Geo regarding -REPETITION OF PROGRAMMING:

Due to a limited available inventory of content that is both timeous, compelling and suitable enough for daytime viewing, the National Geographic Channel schedule has undergone a complete overhaul and is still in the process of continuous refinement. Therefore morning broadcasts between 06:00AM to 12:00PM CAT and afternoon broadcasts between 12:00PM to 08:00PM CAT will have daily repeat strips featuring some of the channels buy valacyclovir discount best shows from its inventory. Premiere programming showcasing the latest shows air between 08:05PM to 09:55PM daily, and the premiere repeats repeat between 10:50PM to 12:30AM daily. Weekends feature weekday five episode stacks from 06:00AM to 08:05PM. We thank you for your continued interest making National Geographic your channel of choice and we commit to bring you the very best in informative factual documentary programming.

StarSat Team