Mfalme Kima

Journey to the West is a classic Chinese folklore that has been reimagined countless times.

The basic gist of the story is how a guy called Tang Sanzang is told to pilgrim to India to retrieve some ancient scrolls powerful enough to basically redeem even the worst of sinners. To help him on his trip the heavenly entities choose four demonic entities to help him.

Zhu Bajie is a cowardly magical-rake wielding pig demon with a nasty knack of eating people. Sha Wu Jing is a river demon who doesn’t like it when people cross his river. He doesn’t do much. Sun Wukong is the over-powered monkey king who likes causing trouble and has a problem with self-control. Usually, he’s the star of the show, but not technically the protagonist.

Together these unlikely allies set out on their perilous journey strife with difficulties and packed with hordes of demons to defeat.

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