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Mob Ties

Few criminal groups are as famous as The Mafia. Their criminal exploits have inspired tons of games, shows, and movies through the years, exploring the darker side of the American Dream.

Before they became the Tommy-Gun wielding, suit-wearing Italian mobsters that we love to hate, they were a gang in Sicily. Criminally-minded Sicilians immigrated to the US and found communities of destitute Italians scrambling to join their criminal empire.

Before long, The Mafia was a well-known and thoroughly feared criminal faction which dominated American crime. The Mafia’s power increased exponentially due to prohibition, and many of their members became untouchable.

To this day, The Mafia is a powerful organized crime ‘family’ whose leaders and associations are well-kept secrets.

The Mafia’s prominence in America’s bad side inspired Hollywood to create many movies featuring “The Mob”. Their first go, The Brotherhood (1968) was a failure. Their second, however, changed cinematic history forever. Scarface (1932) became one of the highest-grossing films of all time and inspired creators to follow in their footsteps.

Every Sunday in August, TNT will show two movies that prominently feature criminal organizations. Below is a list of what to expect.

Sunday, 1 August

8 PM – American Gangster (2007)
An unpopular cop tries to bust Harlem’s kingpin Frank Lucas, a man above even the Mafia.

10:35 PM – Crank: High Voltage (2009)
A man gets his heart stolen by the Chinese Mob and replaced with an artificial one. On the hunt for his heart, he has to stay electrically charged to stay alive.

Sunday, 8 August

8 PM – Casino (1995)
Business and personal mix as two powerful men vies over a gambling empire. One is the owner of the largest casino, and the other is a member of The Mafia. A beautiful socialite complicates matters.

10:55 PM – We Die Young (2019)
MS13, the fastest-growing gang in the US, is trying to recruit a young boy. His older brother, a member of MS13, will not allow it. An army veteran decides to help them.

Sunday, 15 August

8 PM – A Dangerous Man (2009)
A bystander saves the life of two strangers after witnessing a murder. Now the Chinese gang behind the killing is after him and what he took.

9:40 PM – Mad Dog and Glory (1993)
After saving the life of a mob boss, he’s given a week with a young and willing bartender. The two fall in love, much to the mob boss’ annoyance.

Sunday, 22 August

8 PM – The Boondock Saints (1999)
Two vigilante brothers go on a killing spree. Their target: The Mob. A detective struggles between his duty and what he deems necessary.

9:50 PM – Back in the Day (2016)
A former boxer gets taken in by a mob boss and tries to become a champion.

Sunday, 29 August

8 PM – Smokin’ Aces (2007)
Seven hitmen have a day to take out a mob hit snitch for $ 1 million. The police force tries to stop them.

9:50 PM – Shade (2003)
A team of three hustlers try to outsmart a ruthless gangster and escape with their lives.

Catch the Mob Ties stunt, Sundays in August on TNT (ch 186)
From Sunday,  01 August

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse